Eldon Bottcher Architect Pty Ltd can provide a number of different services, the primary most basic of which are listed below;


Technically Qualified Personnel X X X X
FPAA Accredited Personnel and Company X X X X
Site Inspection X X X X
Council Search X X X X
Hazard Assessment X X X X
Method 1 Assessment of Construction Level X X X  
Preparation of Letter X X    
Method 2 option   X    
Preparation of Report     X X
Site Specific Fuel Load Measurement       X
Method 2 Assessment of Construction Level       X
Alternative Method Guarantee       X
Form 15 X X X X
Supporting Information     X X
Payment Required Before Sending X X X X
Delivered by Email X X X X
1 x Hardcopy delivered by mail X X    
2 x Hardcopies Delivered by Overnight Express     X X
Additional Services        

We provide below a description of the inclusion in each of the services.

Service Description

Technically Qualified personnel Eldon Bottcher has a Grad Diploma in Bushfire Planning and Design, the highest qualification in this field available in Australia. See CV for all qualifications and experience.
FPA Australia BPAD Accredited Personnel Eldon Bottcher is a BPAD - Level 3 Accredited Practitioner, the highest accreditation available and a signatory to the BPAD Scheme Code of Professional Conduct. Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) is the only accreditation authority for this field in Australia.
Eldon Bottcher Architect is a FPA Corporate member and  signatory to the Association's Code of Practice.
Site Inspection Each site is inspected prior to report preparation.
Council search Where possible, we search the particulars of each site on Council websites and other sites as required.
Hazard Assessment We reassess the hazard on each site in accordance with the requirements of the State Planning Policy, as from experience all council hazard mapping contains inaccuracies that may prove detrimental to our clients.
Method 1 Assessment of Construction Level Method 1 is a tabular method utilised by the AS 3959-2009, which determines the construction level of your building. It is a broad-based method that under certain circumstances may produce a higher result than can be gained by using Method 2. The tabulated calculations rely on blocks of gradients and default fuel loads that do not allow as precise a result as Method 2 and are normally more conservative.
Preparation of letter These services do not require the preparation of a full report, with information provided in letter format. There are a number of reasons why a full report may not be required, such as a report having been previously prepared for the site and still being current (under 5 years old, and prepared in a component manner)
Method 2 option Method 2, utilising site specific fuel loads etc. can be added to the Construction level letter at the additional cost of $600.00 + GST
Preparation of report These services require a full report which includes many aspects not addressed in a letter which can add to the overall fire safety of your home and family, and includes aspects such as recommendations on vegetation management, water storage etc.
Site Specific fuel load measurement The fuel load impacting on the site is measured in accordance with the methodologies of “ Fuel Hazard Guide (3rd Edition). These give a more accurate assessment, and generally lower assessment, than is used for Method 1.
Method 2 assessment of construction level Method 2 is a computer based Construction level assessment, which allows site-specific data such as gradient, fuel load and distance to be inputted. In most cases, this will give a lower construction requirement, which more than offsets the additional cost of the assessment method. It must be used where the gradient within 100m is more than 20degrees.
Alternative method guarantee Where Method 2 is commissioned on gradients less than 20degrees, if the result is the same as doing the assessment using Method 1, Eldon Bottcher Architect Pty Ltd will only charge for Method 1
Form 15 Form 15 is required by the certifier to conform that the letter/report is prepared taking the necessary legislation into account.
Supporting information Supporting information contains brochures and other documentation which may be applicable or of interest to the landowner in a Bushfire Prone area.
Payment required before sending No documentation will be provided unless it has been paid for in full unless prior arrangements are made. Payment is due immediately an account is delivered. Accounts overdue by more than 10 working days attract interest at 10% per annum. Accounts no paid within 30 days may be subject to recovery procedures without further notice. Recovery costs will be added to the amount outstanding.
Delivered by email On payment, the documentation will be scanned and delivered to the client by email
1 x Hardcopy delivered by mail Within several days of payment, a hardcopy will be delivered by mail
2 x Hardcopies delivered by overnight express Within several days of payment, two hardcopies will be delivered by overnight express mail
Additional Services/Costs Services Additional to standard are charged at $225.00/hr + GST for principal and $90.00/hr + GST for support staff.

Telephone advice and additional correspondence may be included in this at Eldon Bottcher Architects Pty Ltd discretion.

Fees and Costs incurred in any Fee Recovery Actions including in office costs on a time basis.

All claims made under this agreement are made under the Building and Construction Industry Payment Act 2004

In addition to these services above, which are geared more towards the individual residence, we also provide full planning for subdivisions, control burning etc. as listed in our CV under Services Offered.

Our development services include the following services additional to the basic services listed above

Subdivision Development Applications

Consultant Liaison Eldon Bottcher is cognisant with all aspects of development work, both as part of his training as an Architect, where both Town Planning and Engineering were studied, and due to his 35 years plus in the development industry.
Emergency management Plans A requirement of the State Planning Policy is that issues or emergency management, such as fire trails and water storage/supply be addressed.
Eldon Bottcher Architect Pty Ltd as part of their subdivision development report for Bushfire provide overlay plans clearly demonstrating type and location of essential emergency management.
Construction Level Plans Part of the development report is to establish the construction levels that will be required for the proposed residences.
Eldon Bottcher Architect Pty Ltd provide clearly marked plans that demonstrate the construction levels that will be required on each lot in relation to slope, vegetation type and distance from the vegetation, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the AS 3959. (Provision of schedules allocation a construction level to a site is not in accordance with the AS 3959 and may lead to liability issues for the developer)
 Vegetation Management Plans In broad scale developments utilising large areas of parkland, it is often possible to manage vegetation in the passive recreational areas to minimise the impact on construction levels. Where relevant and requested, Eldon Bottcher Architect Pty Ltd will prepare vegetation management plans as part of the Authority Approval process so that there is no doubt as to the impact and future requirements of these areas.
Authority Meetings Eldon Bottcher is an experienced and competent negotiator, and has an in-depth knowledge of bushfire issues, legislation, and the impact that other interests can have on the bushfire safety aspects of a development.
Alternative Solutions Eldon Bottcher Architect Pty Ltd can provide Alternative Solutions in relation to Bushfire related issues. These can relate to aspects of the Building Code of Australia, or AS 3959.
As part of the University Qualification “ Graduate Diploma in Bushfire Design and Planning” Eldon studied the subject“ Alternative Solutions”, and is accredited under the FPAA Accreditation Scheme to provide alternative solutions.
Expert Witnessing Eldon Bottcher is an experienced expert witness, and is on the expert witness panel of a number of Legal Practices. The attitude to his witnessing is best demonstrated by viewing Planning and Environment Court of Queensland Determination File No. BD 624 of 2005 sections 28 to 35
Continuing Professional Development Lectures Eldon Bottcher is experienced at providing Continuing Professional Development lectures and talks.
He has provided these for the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors, and Australian Institute of Architects.
Tertiary Education Lectures and Tutorials Eldon Bottcher is acknowledged as an experienced lecturer and Tutor, and has provided these services in relation to bushfire and Design to Architecture, Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture and Interior Designers at Queensland University of Technology.
Town Planning Bushfire Codes for Local Authorities Eldon Bottcher is experienced at the preparation of Codes and Planning documents. The Gold Coast City Council Bushfire Management Strategy, of which Eldon Bottcher was an initiator and committee member, won both State and National Planning awards.
Subsequently, Eldon Bottcher has been involved in a number of Bushfire related projects for Councils, including Logan City Council, where Eldon Bottcher Architect Pty Ltd was engaged to prepare the new Bushfire Code, and other councils where conditions of approval have been required.
Bushfire Burn Planning As part of the broad training and education Eldon Bottcher has received, Eldon Bottcher Architect Pty Ltd is able to, and has prepared, a number of Burn Plans for the conduct of Fuel reduction burns on both provide and government properties. These include the Brisbane Entertainment Centre and Kokoda Barracks at Canungra. Eldon Bottcher Architect Pty Ltd provides a viable and qualified alternative to QFRS in the provision of these services.
General consultancy relating to all aspects of Bushfire Eldon Bottcher Architect Pty Ltd will undertake most aspects of planning and advisory work related to Bushfire.